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how it works

TheBigQuiver is the #1 surfboard rental network where advanced surfers can rent high-quality surfboards from local shapers all around the world.

Our vision

Surfing is a big piece of our lives. For us, TheBigQuiver is the response to all the passionate surfers we know (and those we don’t). In short, our mission is: 

  1. to make sure all surfers find the right surfboard whenever and wherever on the planet they face tremendous waves 
  2. to promote, reveal and share shapers’ work all around the world
  3. to connect nice people together.
  4. to make you happy.

For surfers, it is a big plus when traveling, especially with the rise of low cost airlines companies. On short surf trips, paying for a surfboard ticket will cost the same to what we offer, but with a lot of hassle due to transportation risks. More, once you have your own surfboard, maybe it won’t be the best choice regarding the conditions or the type of waves.

For shapers, it is a strong opportunity to increase their business. But more, it is a fantastic opportunity for them to meet directly new customers. Our idea is to transform their shape rooms in real touchpoint.

Surfboard rentals designed for advanced surfers

How it works

Renting high-quality surfboards is easier than you think

rent high-quality surfboards

Unearth your gems

Among the various surfboards available for rent, you’ll be able to pick the gem that turns you on. Everything you need to know about this beauty will be available in our catalogue, from its name to its size and everything in between. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is to make a choice.

rent high-quality surfboards

Book your favorite surfboard

Select your rental period for prices and availability. Then scroll through our quiver and pick your favorite surfboard. If you already have an idea of what you're looking for, use the search field to make it quicker. Once selected, complete your reservation by clicking the 'Card' button at the lower right corner of the screen.

rent high-quality surfboards

Take off an adventure

Before the rental date, you’ll receive an email with the shaper’s contact details as well as a step-by-step Rental Guide to help you in your journey. You’re all set for meeting your first shaper and renting your first surfboard. It’s time to have fun!

rent high-quality surfboards

Come back home & share your experience

After experiencing the chosen one, the time has come for you to come back to the shaperoom and verify the condition of the surfboard with the shaper. One day after, we’ll send you a survey about your rental experience to get your feedback.Besides, you’re more than welcome to share your experience, at any stage, with your community using the tag #thebigquiver

Experience new surfboard sizes and shapes

Rent high-quality surfboards shaped with 💙 by local shapers

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