Surf all around the world, without hassle.

Surfboards rental designed for advanced surfers.

Travel light.

Keep your hands free when you travel the world seeking the perfect waves with the right surfboard.

No more broken surfboards at the airport.

100% authentic.

Feel new sensations by renting the best surfboards ever made by passionate shapers.

No more high price wrecked softboards rentals.

Dare the adventure.

Pick your favorite spot, your favorite shaper, your favorite surfboard and get ready for a dawn patrol.

No more glitch that can ruin your whole surf trip.


Proud of our Family

For us, surfing is above all a world of exploration and emotion. The shapers are a constant source of creativity for us. And we believe it is the same for every surfer on the planet. Each shaper conveys his own vision of surfing, that's why each board is so unique.

TheBigQuiver project is a kind of love message to these craftmen who dedicate their life to our pleasure.


Six major benefits.

Six reasons why you should think about us next time you plan a surf trip.

Meet passionate shapers.

Connect with a community of local shapers who share your interest. Make new friends, learn new things, and, eventually, get your new surfboards.

At your convenience.

Set a schedule and a spot on Earth that works for you. Pick your ideal surfboard and manage all the details directly on our service platform.

Never miss a bomb again.

Never miss what you've been looking for. Enjoy surfing with the right surfboards, in the right place, in the right condition. Surf the unique.

Travel without a hitch.

Get on board with your personal luggage only, and enjoy your flight. Get in the age of the hassle free surftrip.

Insurance available.

Surfing a new surfboard on new spot may be risky. We all know that. Relax! you can get an insurance to feel more comfortable.

Handmade only.

Find a large range of handshaped surfboards, all made with a profund love. Just make your choice.


You're an advanced surfer.

You've surfed from day one without ever stopping (well, sometime you have to work to pay the bills, right?). Your graal is to surf the best waves in the world with the best surfboards. Your mojo is to surf to the bone.

You ride and you ride.

You feel like the whole planet is your playground. Your goal is to explore and find new waves to surf (even if you're on a business trip or a familly trip). You like to discover and test new thing everyday, but in your own way.

You're social by nature.

Aside from surfing with the perfect gear, you want to meet new faces, to share your experiences and be briefed on the local rules or tricks. Good shapers will do anything to make your surfing day outstanding.


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