Our team

All these minds are dedicated to built the future of surfing.


Co-founder & CEO. Often flying around Europe, or abroad, he runs to the water with his midlength as soon as he can.


Co-founder & CMO. After graduating in Montréal, she decided to stay in the cold. She operates our marketing from there.


Lead dev. When we met him, he told us: "I'm coding since I'm 6 yo". This gives you a good idea of how he feels.


Dev. DataKernel loves all these back office things. And he loves also lifting tons of weights. Nobody's perfect.


Dev. Throughout 5 countries, he surfed the wave of destiny until he arrived here. Learning many different things through that process.


Advisor. Fred is one of the best analyst, blogger and consultant highly specialized in marketing and digital transformation.

Jean Baptiste

Advisor. Jeebee is a S.F based journalist / analyst. He knows everybody in the Silicon Valley, and is our guide there.


Ambassador. David Carson is a World-Class designer with a heavy heavy surfing background (and many other things).