Everything you always wanted to know about us (and were not afraid to ask).

About Us

What is TheBigQuiver?

TheBigQuiver is the #1 network where advanced traveling surfers can rent directly from shapers high quality handmade surfboards, anywhere in the world. thebigquiver.com allows surfers of the world to fulfill their passion for surfing with the best boards ever produced by the best shapers on the planet.

We are just launching and we are still small. Very small. A lot of improvements will come in the next months.

Where are you located?

Technically, we are located in Lisbon, Portugal. A part of the team is also in Canada (Montreal) and in France (Paris). We are worldwide-minded.

What is your business model?

Our business model is for the moment very simple: as we want to be the #1 network where advanced traveling surfers can rent directly from shapers, we want to be the exclusive hub where surfers discover and ride the best surfboards. Our first mission is to make sure surfers will get access to the best surfboards, anywhere in the world. As we are launching, we do not take any money yet. After this launch period, we will run a classic model based on transaction fees.

How does it work?

I'm a surfer and I want to enjoy TheBigQuiver. What should I do?

Well, as we just previously said, we are launching our testing program. During this phase, the rule is quite simple: if you want to test our service, all you have to do is to send an email saying you want to try our service. We will send you back all you need to access our rental program.

Is there a deposit for the surfboard?

Yes. Even during our test program we plan to manage this point. Shapers set a deposit amount for each surfboard, and the payment process is held on Stripe, via our service.

Do you provide an insurance solution?

Yes, we do. We have an agreement with Winklecard, an insurance company specialized in water-sports. This insurance is not mandatory and the fees are not included in the rental price. By the way, we strongly recommend you to contract this insurance (only 3 euros) because it will cover you 1) in case of breakage during your session 2) if you need to be rescued in sea.

What about your cancelation policy?

Any reservation that is cancelled less than 48h before the pick-up is deemed due. In this case, the amount will be deducted from your deposit.

What happens in case of breakage?

Sometimes, shit happens. We all know that. If you took the insurance, no problem, all is on our side. If not, well, the deposit is here to cover the damages.

About money

How do I pay my surfboard rental?

During the test program we do not take any money. So you will pay your rental directly to the shaper, when you pick-up the surfboard. Be aware that most of the time, shapers are not equiped like traditional shops. So the best would be to pay cash.