The Family

They trusted us and we will never thank them enough to be part of this test program in France, Portugal and Spain. These craftmen make wonderful surfboards, you can now rent them through our platform. Some other shaper friends around the world are waiting. You will discover them in September 2019.

Atomik Panda Surfboards

Gilles from Atomik Panda is a fine surfboard maker located on the Oléron island (France), a place full of surprises where you can surf all year long.

Bob's Surfboards

Located in the beutiful city of Lagos (South Portugal), Sam from Bob's Surfboard will give you access to amazing spots around Sagres.

Delmar Surfboards

Adrien from Delmar Surfboards is located in Biarritz (France), the mecca of surfing in France. From his place you will discover worldclass waves around.

Fuser Surfboards

Thomas from Fuser will make you discover the great surfspots in Brittany (West of France). Expect to find deep blue ocean and nice waves there.

Gawood Surfboards

Gaël from Gawood makes lovely wooden surfboards in Brittany (France). If you are tempted by a wooden experience, you know where to go.

Lava Surf Culture

Tiago from Lava Surf Culture shapes delicious longboards in Caparica, few miles from Lisbon (Portugal). Go for it!

Lisbon Crooks

Well, let's say that the Lisbon Crooks (Portugal of course) is a crazy team full of joy... and with a deep sense of humor.

Luta Surftoys

Never tried asymetrical surfboards? Easy: Yann from Luta Surftoys in Saint-Jean de Luz (France) has everyting in stock for you.

Mao Surfboards

Laurent from Mao designs various performing surfboards adapted to the nice surfspot of Messange (France). Ah, le Sud des Landes !

Vulture Surfboards

Daniel from Vulture offers very differents surfboards for very different surfspots around Peniche (Portugal). Tempted by Supertubos?.

Yorugua Surfboards

Yes, you can surf in Andalusia. And well. Diego from Yorugua has everything you need to give a chance to Cadiz's waves.